Direct replacement consumables for your FEI / TFS FIB and SEM



Applied Beams is your one-stop source for
High Performance, Direct Replacement FIB and SEM Consumables


Our FIB and SEM consumables are sourced from quality suppliers worldwide, many of which were suppliers to the original equipment manufacturer. Every item is a direct replacement for original components, delivering the same or better performance with substantial cost savings.

Buy with confidence. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, top research institutions and government laboratories. We ship all orders within 24 hours, and most ship the same business day.

Ready to handle installation without OEM intervention?  We know your OEM would rather keep the installation process to themselves so they can send you a big bill every time you need a new source or aperture strip installed.  The installation process is straightforward, and we’ll get you in touch with qualified service personnel to train you on the entire process from start to finish.  You’ll save plenty of money, and complete the process on your time frame – no need to schedule an appointment or play security guard in a controlled facility.

Take control of your FIB and SEM costs - contact us today!