Gallium LMIS for FEI FIB and FIB-SEM systems

SKU: 100006

Gallium Liquid Metal Ion Source (LMIS) for early generation FEI FIB and FIB-SEM systems, such as:

  • FIB200 series, FIB600 series and FIB 800 series and other systems with the Pre-lens FIB column
  • DB235 / Strata, DB8XX / Altura, DB 12XX / Elpida and other systems with the Magnum FIB column

This product also fits the Ionoptika IOG 25GA LMIG ion beam system.

Direct replacement for FEI p/n 17135

Lifetime: 1500 hours or better. (Compare to FEI LMIS which limits lifetime to 1000 hours.)

We recommend installing a new extractor assembly and new suppressor for your column with each LMIS change.

Can we ship outside the USA? Absolutely. Please contact us for a shipping quote and make sure to include your shipping address. Typically your LMIS will arrive in just a few days.


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