FIB & SEM Systems

We offer new, refurbished and upgraded FIB and SEM systems on platforms from the largest original equipment manufacturers.

Our Apollo and CS3000 series SEMs stem from the long history of Camscan Electron Optics in Cambridge, England, now upgraded with a new look & feel in a client-server architecture running under MIcrosoft Windows 10.

Our refurbished FIB and SEM systems are brought to factory condition, and our Camscan systems are upgraded to the latest version of our Caesium software.

We also provide the only plasma FIB upgrade on the market with our HyperFIB product. Fast cross-sectioning, micro-machining and delayering with up to 7uA of beam current. Select from noble gas sources such as Xe or Ar, or utilize O2 or other gases to get the most from this hyperfast milling tool.