HyperFIB - a better plasma FIB



System Upgrade

Upgrade to Plasma FIB Performance

HyperFIB plasma FIB from Applied Beams

Enhance the performance of your existing FIB or FIB-SEM platform with this extreme performance plasma FIB upgrade from Applied Beams.

Experience the fastest material removal rates ever possible:

  • up to 7000nA of beam current
  • dramatically reduce cross-section time
  • increasing tool utilization and device throughput
  • clean cross-sectioning of features not possible with other ion milling methods
  • all at an affordable price, far less than other plasma FIB systems

HyperFIB also allows full die delayering to help you answer critical questions relating to device design, piracy, counterfeiting, IP and patent infringement, and electrical failure analysis. . . . Read more


The Ultimate in Micromachining

Gold wire bond cross-sectioned with Applied Beams HyperFIB

Need to test drive HyperFIB before bringing this advanced capability into your lab?  We offer our HyperFIB Services to help introduce you to the benefits of super fast material removal.

Our unique HyperFIB tools, utilizing plasma FIB technology for maximum beam currents and fastest material removal rates, offers unparalleled means to analyze your device or material.

  • Uncover critical features and explore failure mechanisms
  • Machine unique features of centimeter size or larger
  • 300X faster than a Ga FIB
  • 20X more precise than a laser. . . . Read more

Graphical comparison between a standard Ga FIB column and the Applied Beams HyperFIB Plasma FIB upgrade

What a difference between a standard Ga FIB column and the Applied Beams
Plasma FIB upgrade!



Compare HyperFIB to traditional Ga FIB - more current with a smaller spot.
HyperFIB excels at large beam currents!