Beam Aceptance Aperture for 2-piece Extractor Assy., FEI Sidewinder G2 FIB column

SKU: 100189

Beam Acceptance Aperture replacement for our 2-piece Extractor Assembly.

Our 2-piece extractor assembly design provides the ultimate in saving for the cost-conscious FIB user or laboratory manager.  The 2-piece extractor assembly consists of this user replaceable beam acceptance aperture (BAA) paired with a reusable extractor cap, allowing the user to easily install a new BAA with each LMIS change at a significant cost saving over installation of a traditional 1-piece extractor assembly.

Our 2-piece extractor assembly is form, fit and function identical to the single piece extractor assembly - it's also a huge money saver!

This BAA, when fitted with our 2-piece extractor assembly, is for systems using FEI Sidewinder FIB column with max. 20-21nA beam current, such as:

  • Certus / CLM
  • Scios
  • Strata 400
  • V600

Consists of a beam acceptance aperture and replacement screws.  We recommend a new extractor assembly be installed with each new 69Ga LMIS.

This item, when fitted with our 2-piece Extractor Assembly, is a direct replacement for FEI p/n 4035 272 35971


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