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We provide the fastest plasma FIB on the planet, custom-configured SEM and FIB systems, micro-machining and analytical services, and bring new life to your microscope with direct replacement consumables that extend and enhance system performance.


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Every item is a direct replacement for original components, delivering the same or better performance with substantial cost savings. . . . Learn more We offer new, refurbished and upgraded FIB and SEM systems on platforms from the largest original equipment manufacturers. . . . Learn more Our high-current HyperFIB system is the only plasma FIB upgrade on the market for legacy FIB tools.  increasing available current from just 20nA to over 7uA . . . Learn more Our micromachining services utilize our unique HyperFIB systems. With up to 10uA of beam current this tool is perfect for high volume removal applications . . . Learn more