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We provide custom-configured SEM and FIB systems, micromachining and analytical services, and bring new life to your microscope with consumables which extend and enhance system performance.

We've brought the CamScan Electron Optics electron microscopes back to market and offer customized versions of the popular CS-series of SEMs.

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Our high-current HyperFIB system is the only plasma FIB upgrade on the market for legacy FIB tools, increasing available current for micromachining, cross-sectioning and material deposition from just 20nA to over 10uA, an improvement of over 500X!.
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With high quality, affordable consumables and refurbished spare parts, we keep your FIB, SEM and dual column FIB-SEM operating at optimum performance and on budget.
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Our micromachining services utilize our unique HyperFIB systems. With up to 10uA of beam current this tool is perfect for preparing cross-sections of advanced semiconductor devices and delayering all or a portion of a semiconductor device.
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