FIB and SEM Aperture Strips


We've been making the highest quality, precision micro-machined aperture strips for FIBs and SEMs since completion of our plasma FIB micro-machining technology and acquisition of the Camscan SEM technology in 2012.

Our process is unique and highly automated in both fabrication and quality control.  Each strip is designed in our CAD system with aperture locations to match the typical OEM layout.  Then, we use our plasma FIB technology, aka HyperFIB, to machine the exact size apertures you require, either to match the configuration supplied by the OEM, or with a custom set of aperture sizes selected specifically for how you use your system.

From there, we measure each aperture in each strip in our FEI field emission SEM, upgraded for automation and ease of use with our Caesium control system software.  Prior to measurement we calibrate our SEM with a NIST traceable standard to ensure measurement accuracy.  Then, we use the scripting capabilities embedded in Caesium and OpenCV (an open source computer vision and machine learning software library) to automatically collect images of each aperture, measure hole diameters and cirularity, save the images, and generate a spreadsheet with measurement data.

When you source aperture strips from Applied Beams, you know each and every strip meets the diameter and tolerance values you determine.

FIB aperture strip measurement with Caesium control software

SEM image of HyperFIB prepared FIB aperture,
acquired and measured with Caesium software.

Target hole diameter: 39um