Aperture strip for FEI Pre-lens FIB column

SKU: 100038

Automatic Variable Aperture (AVA) strip for FEI Pre-lens FIB column, standard configuration for 10 different beam currents. The aperture sizes provide beam currents of:

1pA 4pA 11pA 70pA 150pA
350pA 1nA 2.7nA 6.6nA 11nA

The pre-lens FIB column was used on the earliest generation single beam FIB systems from FEI, including:

  • FIB200
  • FIB600 series
  • FIB800
  • FIB830

Aperture sizes increase over time due to ion sputtering. We recommend installing a new aperture strip when beam currents increase 10% above starting values.

Need custom aperture sizes?  We specialize in creating custom aperture strips with just the right apertures to suit your needs.


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