CamScan LaB6 SEM


The world class engineering and electron optics designs of Camscan has ensured a reliable and long service life for all our Camscan SEMs.  This, coupled with one of the most versatile vacuum sample chambers ensures great value.  The robust sample stage is a 6-axis, true eucentric design which is capable of many operations without compromising accuracy and reliability.

This LaB6 cathode SEM is simple to use, offered at a great price, and ready to work for you.  Fully refurbished and upgraded to modern standards with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and our advanced Caesium control system software.  This user friendly user interface eases daily microscope operation.  Logical layout and clear functionality provide a design that can be adjusted according to the user's needs, and desired layouts can be pre-selected for various user profiles.

Key features include:

  • LaB6 Cathode, providing longer life and improved resolution over a typical Tungsten cathode.
  • 40kV maximum beam energy
  • Resolution <3.5nm @ 30kV
  • 3x to 600,000 magnification
  • 6- axis, fully eucentric, motorized stage
  • 100mm x 100mm X-Y travel
  • >3kg maximum sample weight
  • Large chamber: 315mm x 315mm x 315mm
  • Diffusion pump standard, turbomolecular pump option available
  • In-Chamber Everhart-Thornley (scintillator with photomultiplier) detector
  • Applied Beams latest Caesium control system software, custom user layout, scripting for automated operations available.
  • Dell PC with Intel i-series processor
  • Microsoft Windows 10 operating system
  • 27” flat screen monitor
  • EDS, EBIC and cathodoluminescence options available
  • 6 month full system warranty
  • Installation, service and software upgrades available.


Our Caesium control system supports multiple monitors and multiple image panes.


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