Caesium Control System Upgrade for Camscan and XL-series SEMs


Extend the performance and life of your FEI/Philips XL-series or Camscan SEM with the CaesiumTM series control system upgrade.

Derived from 15 years of development behind Camscan's HeliosTM software, Caesium is a modern control system with a client-server architecture, running under the Microsoft Windows 10 operating and an ultra-fast Dell PC.  The Caesium control system provides complete system control, new features and new capabilities, bringing  your XL-series or Camscan SEM into the 21st century.  Caesium even keeps your IT department happy without the worry of dealing with an outdated, non-secure and unsupported PC operating system.

Advanced features include:

  • Complete and fully integrated system control: vacuum system, SEM source and column, detectors, sample stage, scanning and image acquisition.
  • Compatible with your existing 3rd party EDS, CL and other accessory systems.
  • Supports the FEI/Philips Manual User Interface (MUI) and joystick.
  • Support for multiple USB cameras allows in-chamber viewing on the Caesium screen, with integrated camera controls
  • Image processing: contrast, brightness and gamma adjustments, filters, edge detection with complete access to the OpenCV library of image processing functions.
  • Image calibration and measurements.
  • Image annotation and drawing tools.
  • Drag and drop images into Caesium from Windows Explorer and other applications.
  • Multiple image windows, up to 20 image panes per window, on 1 or 2 display monitors. Display multiple live images in real-time.
  • Automate operations using simple text scripts in the Python language; example scripts available to get you started.
  • Control your SEM remotely using Windows Remote Desktop Connection or the Teamviewer application. (In fact, that's how we demonstrate Caesium to our customers.)
  • Image notes and tool properties display in Windows Explorer
  • Store and automatically recall settings for each user.
  • Image reflection for optical microscope camera display.
  • Save image in tiff, bmp, jpeg, gif or png formats.  Import and convert FEI/Philips native .img format images to these standard image file types.
  • The Caesium series control system upgrades are available as a complete PC and software package shipped direct from our factory. We provide Dell computers for the best in quality and worldwide service and support
Applied Beams is an authorized reseller of Dell computers

Request the Caesium Control System datasheet and bring your
Camscan or XL-series SEM into the 21st century.



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