CamScan Tungsten SEM

This tungsten cathode SEM is simple to use, offered at a great price, and ready to work for you.

Fully refurbished and upgraded to modern standards with Microsoft Windows 7 OS and our Caesium 7 control software.

Key features include:

  • Tungsten Cathode
  • 40kV maximum beam energy
  • Resolution <3.5nm @ 30kV
  • 3x to 600,000 magnification
  • 6- axis, fully eucentric stage
  • 100mm x 100mm X-Y travel
  • >3kg maximum sample weight
  • 315mm x 315mm x 315mm high Chamber
  • Diffusion pump
  • In-Chamber E-T detector
  • Applied Beams latest Caesium 7 software
  • Dell PC with Intel i-series processor
  • Microsoft Windows 7 operating system
  • 27” flat screen monitor
  • 6 month full system warranty
  • Installation, service and software upgrades available.


Our Caesium control system supports multiple monitors and multiple image panes.


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