TFE mini-module, direct replacement for Denka AMAT02

SKU: 100286

Schottky thermal field emitter (TFE) suppressor-extractor assembly, a direct replacement for the AMAT02 mini-module supplied by Denka Corp. of Japan, and Applied Materials part number 0190-A2070.

Nominal tip radius, 0.5um.  Please specify if other tip diameter is required.

Lifetime: 1 year or better, provided the source is operated within guidelines provided by the OEM and never at a pressure >1x10-9 mbar.

Test datasheet included with each mini-module, including:

  • Temperature as a function of Current.  Applied Beams recommends an operating temperature of 1800K.
  • Angular Intensity and Total Emission as a function of extractor voltage at 1800K operating temperature.
  • Measured Tip Diameter
  • SEM images of the tip prior to testing, indicating the tip radius and the intact ZrO2 material

We also provide re-tipping services for your mini-module.  Just send it to us with the requested tip diameter, we'll clean the electrodes, replace the spent source with a new Schottky emitter, test and return it with the above indicated datasheet.

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