Schottky FEG source replacement for FEI SEMs

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Schottky field emitter replacement from Applied Beams

Schottky TFE

Schottky thermal field emission source replacement for FEI SEMs; compatible with FEG, Sirion and Elstar columns.

Tip radius: 0.5 micron
Operating temperature: 1800K
Lifetime: 1 year minimum


  • disassembly of FEG module
  • replacement of spent emitter with new Schottky emitter
  • precision alignment of the tip and proper protrusion through the suppressor
  • re-assembly of the emitter module in the FEG flange
  • Operating filament current and angular intensity datasheet provided with each source for proper start-up after installation
  • As needed, ceramic insulators in your module will be cleaned or replaced.