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Custom electron microscopes from Applied BeamsHave a unique application or adaptation requirement? – no other company allows you to design a custom SEM / FIB from the ground up. Let us know how we can build the SEM you need.


Direct write e-beam lithography from Applied BeamsFrom e-beam lithography, custom detector solutions such as Raman Scattering and Cathodoluminescence, absorbed current and traditional secondary electron and backscattered electron detectors, even laser interferometer encoded stages – we’ll configure your SEM / FIB to your specifications.


Custom electron microscopes from Applied BeamsOnly Applied Beams offers the ability to add commercially proven, full magnetic focus and deflection TFE, LaB6 or W-cathode SEM capability to your existing vacuum chamber and analysis system, including those designed for industrial manufacturing, government, university or national laboratory research projects. And, we’re able to customize our Caesium SEM control software to integrate with the control software of larger, more complex manufacturing systems.

Custom vacuum chamber for electron microscopes from Applied BeamsCamScan Electron Optics was a leading manufacturer of Scanning Electron Microscopes for nearly 40 years with an established reputation for providing robust solutions for differing applications, often described as the “Rolls Royce of SEMs”. In the spring of 2012, we acquired the assets of CamScan and transported all inventory, electrical and mechanical designs, and software to our facilities in Beaverton, Oregon USA.


We’re proud to continue the legacy of this wonderful line of CamScan electron microscopes with custom, end-user configured tools. The popular CS-3000 range of SEMs provide the platform for your perfect SEM with W, LaB6 and Field emission options, with 40kV beam energy as standard, and the only available 50kV FEG-SEM.

Custom Caesium control software from Applied BeamsFor complete control of your custom system, our CaesiumTM software was developed with flexibility in mind. Derived from CamScan’s HeliosTM software, Caesium works from a 21st century development environment, with an extensible client/server architecture and familiar Microsoft Windows 7/8 based user interface.

Advanced features of Caesium include:

  • Multiple image windows, up to 20 image panes per window
  • Integrated control of all system hardware
  • Support for multiple USB cameras allows in-chamber viewing on the Caesium screen
  • Image processing, calibration and measurements
  • Run multiple Caesium clients, connecting to your Caesium server for off-line image analysis

Our Caesium software is also available as a complete PC-software upgrade for our installed base of CamScan MX-, CS- and Apollo series SEMs,


Contact us today to learn how we can customize a SEM/FIB solution for your unique application.


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