Our upgrades for FIB and SEM systems are great examples of how we work to extend and enhance the utility of your legacy system.

Our super high-current HyperFIB system is the only plasma FIB upgrade on the market for legacy FIB tools, increasing available current for micromachining, cross-sectioning and material deposition from just 20nA to over 10uA, an improvement of over 500X!

Our Caesium7 control system upgrade allows you to extend the performance of your CamScan Apollo, X500 Crystal Probe, MX- or CS-series SEM, developed exclusively for CamScan SEMs. Derived from CamScan HeliosTM software, Caesium7 provides new features, new capabilities, and brings your SEM into the 21st century running on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

Initially requested by a key customer, our Cs7 EBIC measurement system mates seamlessly to your CamScan SEM and has the ability to multiplex up to 16 EBIC channels of data. The EBIC stage adapter allows study of 40-pin DIP devices, though it’s design, consisting of modules for the stage interface, device mount and ground shield, allows for mounting on FEI, Zeiss, JEOL and other manufacturer’s SEMs.

Have a unique requirement for your FIB or SEM? – contact us – we’ll do all we can to provide the capabilities you need.

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