Inficon Cold Cathode Gauge


The Inficon 850 series cold cathode gauge was used in a broad variety of vacuum systems beginning approximately 1990. This item is new and works great as a replacement for the original CCG in your vintage SEM, FIB and similar tools including the FEI FIB200, FIB800, DB8XX well as the XL-series of SEMs.


Measuring Range 1x10-7 to 1x10-2 torr
Vacuum Connection KF-25
Materials exposed to vacuum Stainless steel, graphite, ceramic, pyrex
HV supply requirements 3kV @ 1mA max on start-up 2kV @ 1mA max after start-up
Max overpressure 15 PSIG
Volume of tube 25cc
Max operating temp 50C
Max bakeout temp With magnet removed: 350C
Infinicon part # 850-610-G2


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