Custom Aperture Strip for FEI Sidewinder/ Tomahawk G3 FIB

SKU: 100073-C

Automatic Aperture Mechanism (AAM) strip for FEI Sidewinder and Tomahawk FIB columns, custom hole configuration for up to 15 different beam currents.

Many customers utilize their FIB for repeated operations and thus may only need 2 or 3 different beam currents available.  For example, repetitive cross-sectioning may use one beam current for large volume removal, one beam current for cleaning the section face, and a third for imaging.  In this case we define an aperture strip with multiple hole sizes at each beam current which greatly increases the usable life of the strip!

Design your specific aperture configuration, selecting from beam currents at or near these values:

1.5pA 50pA 500pA 7nA
10pA 100pA 1nA 10nA
30pA 300pA 3nA MAX

Aperture sizes increase over time due to ion sputtering.  We recommend installing a new aperture strip when beam currents increase 10% above starting values.

Please note the MAX beam current available is typically 20nA or about 65nA, which depends on the configuration of the extractor assembly installed (not the aperture strip). So, if your Sidewinder column is currently limited to 20nA but want to upgrade to 65nA, just let us know you need the 65nA extractor assembly - it's that easy to triple the available beam current and milling throughput of your system! We specialize in custom aperture configurations to get the most out of your FIB operations - Contact Us for more information.


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