Material for Platinum deposition, in crucible

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Platinum deposition material for use in all FEI FIB and FIB/SEM systems using FEI Gas Injection Systems.

This material is commonly used to deposit platinum in FIB, SEM and laser systems.  Contact us for larger quantities or to fill other types of crucibles.

Looking for additional cost savings? We provide $100 credit for return of depleted crucibles.

Formula: C9H16Pt
CAS-No. 94442-22-5
Mol. Wt. 319.3 g/mol
Usable mass 6 grams
Packaging Aluminum crucible
Lifetime (est.) 120 hours or greater with crucible temperature 40C.

Please refer to the Material Safety Data information provided with this product for proper safety and handling information.

Chemical structure of Trimethyl(methylcylopentadienyl)Platinum(IV)

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