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New Life for your Old FIB

Cross-section of thru-silicon via

Cross-section of thru-silicon via using HyperFIB and FIB200

Enhance the performance of your existing FIB or FIB-SEM platform with this extreme performance plasma FIB upgrade from Applied Beams.

Experience the fastest material removal rates ever possible with up to 7000nA of beam current, dramatically reducing cross-section time, increasing tool utilization and device throughput, with clean cross-sectioning of features not possible with other ion milling methods.  HyperFIB also allows full die delayering to help you answer critical questions relating to device design, piracy, counterfeiting, IP and patent infringement, and electrical failure analysis.

We offer three beam current configurations, allowing you to choose what meets your technical requirements and budgetary needs.  Select from 1uA, 4uA or 7uA of available current, and we’ll configure HyperFIB just the way you need.

The HyperFIB Upgrade is designed for installation on industry standard platforms, such as the FEI FIB and DB series including the FIB200, DB235, DB620, FIB800, DB820, DB830, and other 8” and 12” systems, providing dramatic improvement in performance in a cost-effective manner.

For fastest material removal we recommend use of Xe gas, though Ar, Ne and other gases can be utilized.

HyperFIB performance excels vs. traditional Ga FIB

HyperFIB performance excels vs. traditional Ga FIB

Need to test drive HyperFIB before bringing this advanced capability into your lab?  We offer our HyperFIB Services to help introduce you to the benefits of super fast material removal.

300X faster than a Ga liquid-metal FIB tool and 20X more precise than laser machining.  Only with the Applied Beams HyperFIB Upgrade.

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Backside Thinning with Applied Beams HyperFIB

Backside Thinning with HyperFIB

HyperFIB quickly milled a large regions of full thickness die. Note the smooth surfaces, easing next steps of uncovering sub-surface features.

  • Crater size: 200 x 200 x 100 um
  • Ion species: Xe+
  • Mill time: 3 hours of beam time at 630 nA. A typical Ga LMIS-based system would require 90 hours of continuous mill time to complete this operation.
  • Mill time can be reduced using higher beam currents. Up to 7uA available with HyperFIB

    HyperFIB is an enabler for difficult applications such as backside circuit editing, FI, and FA of die and stacked die, where package disruption needs to be minimized.


    Frontside delayering with Applied Beams HyperFIB

    Frontside Delayering with HyperFIB

    The extreme beam currents delivered by HyperFIB turn a completely impractical operation, such as full-die delayering requiring weeks of mill time, into one where an entire layer of a device can be removed in less than one work shift.

    HyperFIB removes device layers locally, or over the entire die. In this example, an advanced microprocessor is being delayered to M3, exposing 40nm feature sizes.


    Bondwire Cross-sectioning with HyperFIB

    Au wire bond
    Cross-sectioned Au wire bond
    This Au wire bond exhibits a high resistance contact to underlying metal.
    The wire bond was sectioned and imaged with HyperFIB. Total time to image < 1 hour.


    Request the Hyperfib datasheet


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