FEI FIB200 Focused Ion Beam System


The FEI FIB200 is the original workhorse FIB, flexible and capable of performing critical operations from cross-sectioning to circuit edit to nano-machining.

This FIB200 system is fully refurbished, offered at a great price, and comes equipped with:

  • Pre-lens ion column provides image resolution of 7nm and milling current up to 11nA
  • 50x50mm XY stage, with rotation, tilt and z-motions
  • Turbo pump for main chamber
  • Real time monitor to observe milling, aka Leader oscilloscope
  • Keithley Pico-ammeter to measure beam current
  • Chamber camera and monitor
  • Computer control with FEI software and Seiko screen printer
  • Manual user interface (MUI), joystick and mouse controls
  • Manuals
  • Two gas injectors with controller: choose from iodine, XeF2, Platinum, or TEOS gases. (OPTIONAL) additional gas injectors systems, 4 max.
  • Line transformer (main), AC distribution box and Maintenance tool kit
  • (OPTIONAL) Loadlock with separate pump for fast sample exchange

This FIB200 can also be used as a platform for our HyperFIB upgrade, for the fastest in FIB milling!

Nano-machining with the FIB200

FIB cross-section of integrated circuit with FIB200

Circuit editing with the FIB200

Nano-machining with the FIB200 IC cross-section with the FIB200 Circuit editing with the FIB200

Don't forget, we provide key consumables for the FIB200 such as apertures, aperture strips, gas chemistries and Ga LMIS.


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